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Andy west from austin texas scammed me and 29 other people out of 1.8million dollars.


 Views: 442 September 11 , 2013

Andy west from austin texas scammed me and 29 other people out of 1.8million dollars.



andy west from austin texas creates companies, that he says will solve a problem. he states  that he is looking for creative people to solve these goals. for example new century living and he creates videos that he personally narates, and then he starts having meetings and evites people to help solve the problem. but  what he is actually doing is targeting the people that have money. he does this all over austin texas with his gay lover erick. him and erik  had a office in austin on 4th street, until they became six months behind on the rent, then they moved their opperation to dallas to a abandon church, and proceeded to steel another 390K.  never give andy west or erik keeler of austin texas/dallas any money. they create fake businesses for people to invest in. and pockets their money. they scammed a total of 29 people out of 1.8 million dollars.



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